Each brewery tour on the NoCo Short Bus includes a set of tasters at each location so you don’t have to worry about extra costs. Any additional pints or merchandise is up to you, and we have a cooler on board if you decide you need a growler or two to take home with you. However, really all you have to do is get on the bus and enjoy the ride! Pick your tour and see when it’s scheduled. then book right here online!



Classic Tour – Loveland

Loveland has a hopping brewery scene (yep, we have some jokes here on the Short Bus!) This tour will provide a great introduction to Loveland brewing! Tours rotate between 3 breweries and include tasters at each! Check out the tour schedule for availability of the tour stops you’d like the most.

Thursday: Grimm Brothers, Crow Hop, Big Beaver

Friday: City Star, Loveland Aleworks, Verboten

Saturday: Buckhorn, and 2 of Loveland’s Breweries – driver’s choice!

COMING SOON – Big Thompson Brewery! We’er excited to see another brewery opening so we can put it in our line up! We’ll let you know when they’re up and running!



Fort Collins Tour

Get a taste of some beers that are off the beaten path.  Fort Collins now has 18 breweries and counting. We catch a few of those you might not have heard of yet.  This tour will take you to visit 3 Fort Collins Breweries:

  • Horse & Dragon
  • 1933
  • Zwei Brewing

A great introduction to Fort Collins craft brewing scene.


NOCO SOUTH TOUR (Berthoud/Longmont)

Longmont Tour

Longmont keeps adding to their line up, so the tour may change every now and again, but our standard tour will visit 3 breweries:

  • City Star Brewing in Berthoud
  • Grossen Bart Brewing  in Longmont
  • 300 Suns in Longmont

Keep an eye out as we may be adding a few more breweries to our Longmont schedule soon.



Greeley Tour

Greeley is about 20 miles east of Loveland, but they’ve garnered their fair share of good beer! Our Greeley tour visits the following breweries:

  • High Hops Brewery in Windsor
  • Wiley Roots Brewing in Greeley
  • CrabTree Brewing in Greeley

Get a great sample of what the Greeley area has to offer!



Distillery Tour

When we offer distillery tours – you’re in for a treat! Get a tour behind the scenes and find out how many of our local distilleries make their signature spirits! We have more than a few distilleries around Northern Colorado and they all have different schedules, so we like to mix it up every once in a while (pun fully intended!).  Take a distillery tour and you may experience any 2 of the following:

  • Dancing Pines – Loveland, CO
  • Spring44 – Loveland, CO
  • Coppermuse – Fort Collins, CO
  • Syntax Spirits – Greeley, CO
  • Still Cellars – Longmont, CO
  • COMING SOON – Big Fat Pastor Spirits – Loveland, CO

It’s always a fun tour and we know you’ll fall in love with the local spirits!



Special discounted pricing for 7 or more people on our standard tours. $15 off ticket pricing for drinkers and $10 off for non-drinkers. Price discounts will be reflected upon check out.

Group Tours are great for company parties, visiting family, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or celebrations of any kind!

NoCo Short Bus Tours will work with you to customize a tour for your special event. Call ahead to reserve your date and choose from a variety of breweries and distilleries in the Northern Colorado area. For a more involved tour, let us schedule you a lunch (or dinner) at one of our great local restaurants. Let us make your next event a memorable one!  720.515.0151 




Give the gift of a NoCo Short Bus Tour! Gift Certificate amounts are great for any of our standard tours and can be scheduled anytime in the coming year! A great gift idea for beer lovers, Colorado enthusiasts, friends and family fun! Order some today!

You must be 21 to book any tour on NoCo Short Bus Tours, ID will be checked upon arrival. Please see FAQ for further details.
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