Owner Mechelle Martz-Mayfield

Owner Mechelle Martz-Mayfield

The Colorado Rockies have inspired many to experiment with the flavors and combinations that make amazing beers. With over 40 craft breweries in the area, it only makes sense to try a few!

NoCo Short Bus tours provides insights into these great Northern Colorado craft brewers that you probably won’t get anywhere else. You’ll have a chance to experience the distinctive combinations and some of the exclusive brews that the nano-breweries in the area provide. You’ll get to experience multiple breweries, many craft beers, and have a chance to learn about what makes each brewery different. Taste some unique flavors, find out what unique combinations local craft brewers have come up with and discover what got them started in brewing beer to begin with. Often you’ll get to meet with the owners directly and be able to ask questions on what inspired them to venture into the brewing world.

NoCo Short Bus Tours provides regulars tours on Saturday and Sunday all year round and has added weekday tours during the summer.  Check out our TOUR CALENDAR for options.

Private Tours are available, please call for details. 720-515-0151

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